About the Platform


The platform is built as a Digital Public Good and follows a key set of design principles listed below.

  • Single Source of Truth - Data resides in multiple systems across departments and getting an integrated, consistent and disaggregated view of data is imperative.

  • Federated - Central, State and Local Governments represent the federated structure of government. This federated structure must be taken into cognisance while designing systems that enable intergovernmental information exchange.

  • Unbundled - Break down complex systems into smaller manageable and reusable parts that are evolvable and scale independently.

  • Minimum - Minimum data attributes that have a well-defined purpose is mandatory; everything else is optional.

  • Privacy and Security - Ensuring the privacy of citizens, employees and users while ensuring the system's security.

  • Performance at Scale - The system is designed to perform at scale.

  • Open Standards - The system is based on open standards so that it is easy to discover, comprehend, integrate, operate and evolve.


The platform applies the microservice architecture concept. Access the list of services supported by iFIX here.


The services are designed to comply with standards which consist of the Common Information Model and APIs. Click here to view the details.


To set up the platform, follow the installation steps listed here.

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