Platform architecture

Architecture Overview

The iFIX platform architecture and the interacting systems are divided into 3 parts:

Digit Exchange

Digit Exchange functions as a connector bridging services deployed across diverse domains. Its primary role involves signing and verifying exchange messages, while also generating events for ingestion into Elasticsearch for dashboard visualisation.

Program Service

Program service handles all the financial transactions like sanction, allocation and disbursement.

Users can establish programs within which these transactions take place. It receives messages from the adapter service, validates them and forwards them to digit-exchange for sending it to the IFMS system. In case of any validation failure, it responds with an error status and message. Additionally, the service maintains records of sanctioned, allocated, and available amounts for disbursement.


Two adapters will be deployed. One on the program side and the other on the IFMS side, both of which connect to the program service. As the program service is generic, there must be some data transformation for the connection between the program and the IFMS side, which is handled by the adapters.

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