MUKTA iFIX Adapter


The MUKTA iFIX Adapter service is designed to facilitate communication between the Expense Service and the Program Service. It acts as a mediator, listening for payment creation events from the Expense Service, enriching the payment request data, and generating disbursement requests. These disbursement requests are then sent to the Program Service for further processing.


  • Expense Service

  • Expense Calculator Service

  • MDMS Service

  • Bank Account Service

  • Individual Service

  • Organization Service

  • User Service

  • Program Service

  • Encryption Service

Key Functionalities

  • The creation of a disbursement request involves listening to payment creation events on a designated topic. When a payment is created, the adapter processes the event, extracts relevant information, and forwards the enriched disbursement request to the Program Service for further processing.

  • In case of a failure in the payment topic, we also have the option to manually create a disbursement using the adapter by providing the payment number.

  • We can search for the created disbursements.

  • After forwarding the disbursement to the program service, it undergoes sanction enrichment. Subsequently, it is forwarded to the Digit Exchange service, establishing a connection between two servers. Once a response is received from the IFMS system, the disbursement undergoes further enrichment and is sent back to the Mukta Adapter. The adapter then updates the payment status based on the statuses received in the disbursement.


Deployment Details

Helm Chart

Master Data

Master NameSample DataDescription

"HeadOfAccounts": [
      "id": "1",
      "code": "221705800358641045908",
      "name": "General Head",
      "sequence": 1,
      "schemeCode": 13145,
      "active": true,
      "effectiveFrom": 1682164954037,
      "effectiveTo": null

Head of accounts to be used for the Mukta scheme at the state level - to be provided by HUDD


"SSUDetails": [
      "id": "1",
      "ssuCode": "OLSHUD001",
      "ddoCode": "OLSHUD001",
      "granteeAgCode": "GOHUDULBMPL0036",
      "granteeName": "ANGUL MUNICIPALITY",
      "programCode": "PG/2023-24/000310",
      "ssuId": "1621",
      "ssuOffice": "angul_op",
      "effectiveFrom": 1682164954037,
      "effectiveTo": null,
      "active": true

Spending unit details specific to each ULB are to be provided by HUDD.

Integration Details

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API Spec


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