Program Service


Program service handles all the financial transactions like sanction management, fund allocation, and disbursement of funds.

Users can establish programs within which these transactions take place. It receives messages from adapter service, validates them and forwards it to digit-exchange for sending it to the IFMS system. In case of any validation failure it responds with error status and message. Additionally, the service maintains records of sanctioned, allocated, and available amounts for disbursement.


  • Digit Exchange

  • MDMS Service

  • IdGen Service

Key Functionality

  • Creates Program for enabling further financial transactions.

  • Creates on-sanction when sanction is received from the IFMS system. Maintains allocated and available amount for disbursal for a particular sanction. Forwards the sanction to the client server.

  • Creates on-allocation when allocations are received from IFMS system. Updates the allocated and available amount for the given sanction. Forwards the allocation to the client server.

  • Creates disburse and deducts available amount and forwards it to the IFMS for disbursement. On failure increases the available amount in sanction.



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