Program Service


The Program Service is constructed using iFIX specifications and serves as an extensive platform aimed at simplifying program creation, sanction management, fund allocation, and disbursement execution. It equips organizations with essential tools to effectively oversee available funds and guarantee transparent and accountable distribution to designated beneficiaries.

Functional Overview

Funds Summary

  1. IFMS adapter manages funds summary based on the head of accounts and SSU codes. It creates sanctions for each head of accounts and SSU details based on ULB tenant ID.

  2. Three types of transactions can be received from the JIT VA API -

    • Initial Allotment - A new sanction will be created only if AllotmentTxnType is Initial Allotment.

    • Additional allotment - For this type of transaction it will update the amount of existing sanction.

    • Allotment withdrawal - It deducts the transaction amount from the sanction for this type of transaction.

Payment Instructions

  • When a bill is approved this service creates payment using the expense service.

  • Some consumers keep listening to the payment create Kafka topic and generate payment instructions (PI) using payment and bill details and post the PI to the IFMS system using JIT API.

  • A new PI will be generated when enough funds are available for any head of accounts for that tenantId.

  • Before posting the PI there were multiple enrichments like bank account details, org and individual details, etc.

  • After creating the PI it deducts the available balance from the funds summary.

  • If a PI is created for any payment then the user can not generate a PI again till the PI fails.

  • It keeps a log of each status call of PI and saves it in the DB

Program Service takes care of Program, Sanction, Allocation and Disbursement using the standardized exchange interface.

iFIX API Specification

API spec YAML is here. Click below to view it in Swagger Editor.

Implemented API Specifications

Base Path: /program-service/

API spec YAML is here. Click below to view it in Swagger Editor.


Data Model

DB Schema

Web Sequence Diagrams

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